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Black Doc Martens 紐約街頭的馬汀鞋穿衣誌

Black Doc Martens 黑色馬汀大夫鞋。一直以來我都很喜歡馬汀大夫鞋的個性街頭感,精緻的皮面選料和側邊細膩的黃色縫線,都是美好的古著時尚細節。

Black Doc Martens. I have always been obsessed with Dr. Martens. I love how Dr. Martens expresses the timeless design through durable modern details, yellow stitching, and high quality leather. 

Black Doc Martens





|穿搭單品  Today’s Outfit | 


TROUSERS │ ZARA KIDS ( sold out, similar HERE )
BAG │ CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL 15″ ( or 14″ with magnetic closure HERE )
HAT │ ZARA ( sold out, similar HERE )

Black Doc Martens 關於穿搭 馬汀大夫鞋

Dr. Martens 馬汀大夫鞋上略圓弧的鞋頭設計和厚挺的皮革質料,非常實穿的招牌氣墊鞋底,是踩在腳下的微叛逆和個性。我購買的馬汀大夫鞋是霧面三孔1461經典款。關於皮質,霧面和亮面各有各的好,而我選擇的是溫醇含蓄的霧面款;鞋面的三孔設計簡單不花俏,經典就是該如此耐看。新鞋前幾次穿皮面稍硬,多穿幾次後皮質就變軟多了,也有了屬於自己的痕跡和個性。




Black Doc Martens

Dr. Martens has been an iconic footwear in pop culture for rebellious spirits. The shoes is distinguished by the grunge style design, rounded toe, durable leather, and the air-cushioned sole. The comfortable air-cushioned sole offers durability. I ordered 1461 Gibson style in black and is now 30% off with code BLESSED on Asos. About the leather, both matte and patent look sharp and great. I opted for the matte leather because personally I think patent is too fancy for my style. Also, a brand new pair of Dr. Martens needs a couple of weeks to break in. Before the shoes break in properly, they might develop blisters and bruises. After softening the leather, the shoes will serve you well and look even better as they age with wear. 

I headed over to my hubby’s closet and “borrowed” this batchel from The Cambrid Satchel Company. This classic batchel is 15″ in black  and is now 30% off with free worldwide shipping. It’s a bit too big on me, but I love mixing this oversized bag with the grunge Dr. Martens shoes. This classic 15″ batchel has the traditional buckle-closure design, while 14″ batchels has the convenient magnetic closure


Black Doc Martens
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Black Doc Martens 1461
dr. martens 1461 fashion

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|Holiday Season Shopping|

From November, you can feel festival everywhere. And I have been excited about Thanksgiving because it’s the time to get the best deals of the year. Starting from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, I’ll keep an eye out for discounts. And I’ll organize my holiday shopping list, focusing on Asos and The Cambridge Satchel Company mainly. Especially this sleek and stylish backpack has been on my mind for a couple of months, I’m hoping to see it on sale next week! I’ll keep updating my holiday shopping list starting from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. You can subscribe my newsletter for the latest sales info by E-Mail here:




Black Doc Martenshigh line nycBlack Doc Martens
Black Doc Martens

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