Pink Pleated Skirt Outfit Idea for Spring

Pink Pleated Skirt Outfit Idea for Spring 百折長裙和西裝外套的學院派

Pink Pleated Skirt. For some reasons, I have never posted this outfit which was taken a while ago. I styled this navy blue blazer with a pleated maxi skirt. As the spring is a bit windy, I completed my outfit with a pair of navy socks and burgundy red loafers. 翻到一篇未曾刊出的舊穿搭,看著照片中的西裝外套和及踝百摺長裙,以及短襪和小皮鞋,那天的記憶就這樣被記在這套穿搭中。

Pink Pleated Skirt




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Pink Pleated Skirt. 翻到一篇未曾刊出的舊穿搭,依稀記得是尚未出國前春季的某一日,有點涼又不會太涼的天氣,偶爾一陣微風吹起裙角,去嘉義吃最後一次的雞肉飯。看著照片中的西裝外套和及踝百摺長裙,以及短襪和小皮鞋,那天的記憶就這樣被記在這套穿搭中。


Pink Pleated Skirt

Pink Pleated Skirt. I recently found these photos which I have never posted before for some reasons. These photos were taken in spring a while ago when I still lived in Taiwan. When looking through these pictures, it took me on a stroll down memory lane. It’s a spring day, and the weather was not too hot and not too cold. The breeze blew through the skirt gently. I started remembering this is the day I visited Chiayi for the local speciality delicious chicken rice. (And it’s unbelievably yummy!) It’s true that a picture is a memory frozen in time. I wore this navy blue blazer and a pleated maxi skirt. As the spring is a bit windy, I completed my outfit with a pair of navy socks and burgundy red loafers. 

People often say ankle-lenth skirts are not for petite women. I’m quite petite but I love maxi skirt a lot. I opted for a cropped blazer and used a belt to define my waist. With the right accessories, the short blazer and the belt give the outfit a more polished structure. For the shoes, I styled a pair of burgundy red loafers and navy ankle socks as the weather was still too cold for bare feet. 

All the items of this outfit are old which I have been wearing for many years. Still, I tried to mix and match for a different take. While fast fashion has been associated with throwaway fashion as it delivers products to the mass market at affordable prices, sometime the most ethical thing you can do for the environment is mix and match old items in your wardrobe as possible as you can. Even though in today’s trendy world of fast fashion, styles are made to be disposable, still you can start by doing something small like remixing old things. I know it’s small, but at least it’s a start.  

Pink Pleated Skirt
Pink Pleated Skirt Pink Pleated SkirtPink Pleated Skirt


最近努力振作中,重拾相機拍照寫網誌,記錄那些從指尖流逝的生活片刻。之前有收到私訊問我的保養品,所以從善如流寫了上一篇我的冬季保養程序和愛用品,如果有任何想看的主題也歡迎告訴我,閱讀留言是我寫網誌最大的樂趣之一 :  )

My life has been hectic recently. But I still tried my best to achieve balance and I’m back on my usual blogging routine. As I have received several requests from you guys to share my winter skin care routine and products, I shared my simple skin care steps here. Please let me know what you think or any topics that interest you. It means a lot to me to read your comments! 

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