Travel Outfit | I'm Busy Floppy Straw Hat「我很忙」的時尚態度旅行穿搭 - You Are What You Wear

Travel Outfit | I’m Busy Floppy Straw Hat「我很忙」的時尚態度旅行穿搭

Floppy Straw Hat. 有什麼是比在寬邊草帽上印「我很忙」(I’m Busy)更有時尚態度的夏日配件?I have a weak spot for fashion items with quotes, and this “I’m busy” quote is just way too interesting to miss.

Floppy Straw Hat




穿搭單品  Today’s Outfit 


SHIRT │ ASOS ( similar HERE )
HAT │ ASOS ( similar HERE )
SHORTS │ DAHLIA ( sold out, similar HERE )
SHOES │ FOREVER 21 ( similar HERE )

穿搭 | 「我很忙」 寬邊草帽

Floppy Straw Hat 寬邊草帽。我對幽默的設計沒有抵抗力,當初在網站上看到這頂有趣的帽子立刻毫不猶豫放到購物籃結賬了,收到的時候更是愛不釋手,越看越喜歡。有什麼是比在草帽上印「我很忙」(I’m Busy)更有時尚態度的夏日配件?(雖然說在海灘或者游泳池畔戴會更加適合就是了….)。
我好喜歡白色,白色的乾淨素雅百看不膩,也因此衣櫃也有很多白色襯衫,但每一件都有些微的不同。我身上的襯衫是購自極簡的Asos White系列,有著沈穩的隱藏扣,只在短領上點綴些許皺摺裝飾,這樣的優雅的細節適合配襯黑色緞面短褲,一點點低調的亮麗和尖頭鞋搭配的剛剛好。身為平底鞋控的我自然是選擇平底了,我一直相信平底鞋也可以穿的很美。


I’m Busy Floppy Straw Hat | Summer Travel Outfit 

Floppy Straw Hat. I have a weak spot for fashion items with quotes, and this “I’m busy” quote is just way too interesting to miss. I have always believed that fashion is a statement that allows people to express themselves instead of showcasing labels and designer brands only. What makes a better fashion statement than this “I’m busy” floppy hat? Especially wearing this fun floppy hat on vacation makes the point – it’ll be even better to wear this hat on beach vacation though. 
White is the color that I’ll never get tired of wearing and it’s also my favorite color. I’m obsessed with white because it’s clean, simple and elegant. I have quite a collection of white blouses and they all look similar but slightly different in details. This one I’m wearing is a newfound from Asos White, which is a well-curated selection for minimalist style lovers. It has hidden button placket at the front and simple frilly collar. Details like the frill and the hidden buttons make this blouse polished and crisp with subtle sophistication. 

Strolling Around Washington D.C

We strolled around the the monuments and memorials during the 2nd day of our stay in Washington D.C. The Lincoln Memorial is constructed of white granite and marble and it’s incredibly beautiful. The Reflecting Pool lies between the grand Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. Its glassy presence mirrors the Lincoln Memorial, and the rows of trees that line both sides. Here you can also get a view of the elegant dome of the Capitol building from a distance. Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, and Washington Monument are my favorite spots and must see in DC. 
「夏日」和「午後」 – 對我來說是英語語言中最美的兩個字。
– Henry James
來到美國後才體會為什麼外國人那麼喜歡曬太陽,冬日的陰沈慘澹讓夏日變的格外珍貴,從來沒想過日照長短對人的影響這麼大。記憶中的台灣炎夏有著熱情豪爽的太陽,電風扇永遠不夠力需要出動冷氣才行。但在這裡冬天下午三點就開始天黑了,容易被陰沈的天空牽著鼻子走,低落沮喪。而夏日直到九點才日落天暗,長長的白日心情輕快,精神抖擻。英國文學家Henry James曾經讚嘆說夏日午後(Summer Afternoon)是英文語言中最美的兩個字,氣候和地域影響之大實在非常有意思。不知道大家覺得中文最美的兩個字是什麼?
Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.
– Henry James
After moving to the U.S, I’ve finally understood why people love sunbathing so much here. My hometown Taiwan’s brutal heat and high humidity makes it hard to enjoy the sunshine. Growing up in Taiwan, sunny weather is the norm for most of the time except a few month of rain. I’ve always taken good weather for granted. Here in Boston, it gets dark at around 3:00pm in winter and the shorter daylight affects moods easily. Yet in summer, the sun sets at 9:00pm and it’s 6 hours longer than on December solstice. The longer daylight absolutely makes everything beautiful and vivid. Henry James once said that “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” It’s interesting to see how much climate has affected our lives in different areas. What do you think are the most beautiful words in your language? 
Floppy Straw Hat Floppy Straw Hat

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    Those shoes are out of stock !!!!!!
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