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Meal Prep 便當日,餐桌風景

Meal Prep. I’m a huge advocate of food prep and I meal prep every weekend. Planning ahead keeps me on track with healthy eating and lifestyle. 


meal prep

meal prep






How to Meal Prep

Meal Prep. I work a 9-5 and going out to lunch every day is not budget-friendly and the options are often unhealthy. Lunch is the meal that I usually have the most control over and I like to enjoy my ready to eat meal at my desk in the office. Meal prepping in advance saves time AND money. I typically batch cook meals that I can microwave at work. Every Sunday afternoon, I make all my lunches for the following week and keep them in the fridge. In the morning, I bring one to work and keep it in the fridge in the office. In the lunch time, just pop in the microwave and lunch is served. When I have delicious and healthy food prepped and waiting for me in the fridge, it gives me structure for the week ahead. And I love structure and routines. I always feel meal prep help set myself up for a successful week.

I usually cook vegetables like carrots, turnips, peppers, brussels, cauliflowers, mushrooms and broccoli for my lunch meal instead of leafy greens as they rot pretty quickly and reheating might destroy the nutrients. I like to batch cook three different kinds of vegetables and proteins for the following week. Take this past weekend for example. I made stir fried shrimps with green peppers, tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette roll), carrots with shio-koji, cheesy mushrooms and pork and mushroom roll-ups. Grab one protein, two veggies, and a portion of rice and the meal is ready. 


meal prep
meal prepmeal prep





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How to Select a Lunchbox/Bento Box

It’s essential to have the proper bento box. Having the right lunch boxes gives a nice starting point for your meal prepping. A good one will last a long time and protect the food from tripping out. Also, since I prefer hot bento over cold food, I need my bento boxes microwaveable. To me, a hot bento at lunchtime tastes better so I always reheat my bento in the microwave oven with the lid removed. All of my lunch boxes are microwave and freezer safe and BPA-free. I bought my bento boxes on Amazon and these well-designed bento boxes make my lunch time very delightful. 

Bento Boxes in this Post: Hakoya outdoor gear cool bento box | Miyoshi gel-cool bento box 


meal prep

meal prep



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