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Japanese Custard Pudding Recipe 日式柔滑布丁的午茶時光

最近迷上週末做布丁甜品,沖一壺熱茶、配部好電影或者好書,動手做一些點心讓生活嚐起來也甜甜的,就是一段美好的午茶時光。I like to indulge my sweet tooth with custard pudding. There’s something magical about making your favorite dessert on a weekend afternoon – to me it’s custard pudding. Making dessert is fun and then you get to enjoy the homemade sweet treat. Heaven. 

Custard Pudding
Custard Pudding



日式布丁 (知多家柔滑布丁) 

一直以來我都很喜歡烹飪勝於做甜點(譬如我心愛的 便當食譜 們 )。烹調食物比較簡單,口味偏鹹那就多加調味料,喜歡清淡口味就下手輕一些,任意調整調味比例很隨性。而需要精密秤重和比例的甜點感覺不太適合我,對我來說做甜點像是化學實驗,需要縝密的細心和耐心,所以我總敬而遠之。但是這不代表我不愛甜食呀,我好喜歡吃日式布丁!美國這邊似乎比較流行麵包布丁或者米布丁,濃郁的風味很受歡迎。但日式那種柔嫩鮮滑的布丁口感更讓我難忘,尤其懷念以前在台灣知多家吃的Pastel柔滑布丁,細緻又淡雅的味道饞的我很有行動力的上網搜尋,找到知多家官方公佈的日文版布丁做法,感謝白眼小姐翻譯成中文的知多家布丁食譜,讓我這個甜點新手做了好幾次都非常喜歡。步驟不難,且我跳過了焦糖的製作讓食譜更簡單一些。只要攪拌材料,隔水加熱且放到冰箱降溫後就可以享受一個甜蜜蜜的下午。

我的餐具和廚具  /  簡約質感大理石砧板  /  陶瓷布丁杯   /  湯匙   /   茶杯和茶碟  /   甜點餐盤


Custard Pudding

I love making food and always batch cooking my lunches for the following week every Sunday. With cooking, I can play around different ingredients and experiment new spices. To me, baking seems like science and chemistry. I’m just not precise or patient enough to bake well. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have a sweet tooth! When I want a treat, I like to go for custard or flan-like pudding. I’m not a fan of heavy pudding. The classic American pudding is usually a sweetened mixture thickened with cornstarch and the taste is heavy and rich. And custard pudding is made with egg yolk and milk, and is similar to flan and creme brulee. I love custard and miss that silky and smooth flavor very much. I tried this Japanese custard pudding recipe I found online  (where the original recipe credit in Chinese goes to Amber) and it’s amazing. I’m totally new to baking and pastry. But this is a no bake/no gelatin recipe and is easy to make for beginners. Just mix ingredients(milk, heavy cream, sugar and egg), steam, refrigerate and it’s done! I’ve skipped the caramel part to make the recipe easier. I recently love to make this dessert from scratch when I crave something sweet. 



Custard Pudding












Custard Pudding Recipe Ingredients & Instructions

1 serving 

– 65ml milk

– 65ml heavy cream 

– 1 egg yolk

– 10g sugar (10g = 0.3oz)

– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 

– 1 ramekin/pudding container

Fill a pot with water about 1.5-inch high (the water level depends on the height of your ramekin and usually the water level should reach half of the cup) and start boiling water. Then put milk and heavy cream in a pan and heat the mixture to 50C (about 370F). Heating to the required temperature is important for this dessert. If the temperature is low, then it won’t taste like pudding. Put egg yolk and sugar in a bowl and stir them gently. When the mixture of milk and heavy cream is properly heated, pour them slowly into the bowl of egg yolk and sugar. Add vanilla extract and swirl everything together. Sieve the mixture through a strainer. Sieving makes the pudding smooth so it’s a must. Then pour the mixture into the ceramic cup. Cover the cup with foil paper and secure with a rubber band. The pot should be boiling by now, turn to low heat and place the ramekin into the pot. Steam the pudding in low heat for about 30 minutes. Chill the pudding in the fridge. Enjoy! 


Custard PuddingCustard Pudding

Custard Pudding

Custard PuddingCustard Pudding


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