How to Wear Navy Trench Coat 深藍風衣外套 穿搭日誌 - You Are What You Wear

How to Wear Navy Trench Coat 深藍風衣外套 穿搭日誌

Navy Trench Coat. I’m always obsessed with navy blue. There’s something timeless and chic about the color navy/rich indigo. For this trench coat, I had my heart set on the navy option for sure. 風衣外套的穿搭日誌,用白襯衫和牛仔褲映襯風衣外套沈穩的深藍色澤。

Navy Trench Coat Outfits





Spring days are unpredictable. Two weeks ago the weather spiked up to 70F in Boston and then yesterday the temperature plummet to 10F. This is where a transitional trench coat comes in. Trench is a great option to layer a sweater underneath or keep your body dry with on-and-off rain showers for transitioning to spring. Trench coat makes the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Although we’ll get slight snow here in Boston this weekend, I know spring is not far behind because there are only a few days away from the first “official” day of spring.


Navy Trench Coat


Navy Trench Coat Outfits



深藍風衣外套 搭配日誌

深藍一直是我小時候最喜歡的顏色,我喜歡所有東西都是這樣濃郁的湛藍。但是小時候沒有太多深藍色的衣物。長大之後可能基於補償心理,我逛街買衣服總是眼光情不自禁往深藍飄過去,不是天空藍也不是Tiffany藍,而是典雅沈穩的深藍。所以關於這件風衣外套,不意外的我選擇了深藍本命色。內搭簡單的白色襯衫映出外套濃郁的顏色,紮進灰色的牛仔褲。這次回臺灣帶的鞋子總共就是馬汀鞋一雙,俐落簡單的白色讓我近期穿搭總少不了它。包包則是拎了酒紅色的劍橋包,喜歡溫醇的酒紅襯上深藍的氣質,繼上一次的 深藍和酒紅色塊搭配日誌 後,這樣的色彩搭配我永遠都會繼續穿下去。 我喜歡穿那些讓自己開心的顏色,也喜歡當那個讓自己開心的人。

穿搭單品  /  風衣外套U’RE ( 相似款在這裡 )  /  襯衫 ASOS   /  劍橋包  /  牛仔褲 ZARA ( 相似款在這裡  )  /  馬汀鞋 DR. MARTENS  /  手錶 DANIEL WELLINGTON  


Navy Trench Coat Outfit

Navy blue has been my absolutely favorite color since I was a kid. I wanted everything in navy. But growing up, I didn’t own much navy blue items. Becoming older, I finally have navy back to my life and welcome everything midnight blue and indigo. I always have my eyes on subtle navy pieces – not sky blue or Tiffany blue but navy blue. So it’s natural for me to opt for navy on this outwear. To style it, I wore a crisp white button-down tucked into grey high-risers that showed off the color and texture of this navy trench coat. I like the belt of the trench tied in back and have slits on each side. For the shoes, since I packed lightly and only brought this pair of white Dr. Martens shoes with me back to Taiwan, they unavoidably became my go-to shoes during my stay. With the rich navy blue outwear, I paired with burgundy Cambridge Satchel for a touch of elegance. Burgundy goes pretty well with navy and I’ve tried the same outfit formula before in this post with different items. I’ll never get tired of wearing these classic colors together. 




Trench Coat Outfits

Trench Coat Outfits

Navy Trench Coat Outfits

Trench Coat Outfits

Navy Trench Coat Outfitsblue trench coat








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