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哈囉,大家好我是Louise。我的網誌 You Are What You Wear 是一個建立於2011年夏天,出自於對時尚穿衣和裝潢居家風格一頭熱的興趣、迫不及待想要分享書寫的網誌。
除了分析品牌、介紹名人居家和街拍穿著外,我還喜歡在看電影的時候,觀察人物的服裝設計和場景裝潢,所以如果你也是影痴,在這裡可以看到很多擁有獨特美學風格電影的解析文。另外因自身對preppy style穿搭的熱愛,我自己穿衣醉心於可愛復古的領子洋裝或襯衫、方方正正的厚實皮革書包、還少不了一對學院風格的平底牛津鞋。

*2014 更新* 我在2014年夏天辭職搬到波士頓成為Emerson College研究生,所以網誌也進而開始分享我的異鄉生活。

*2016 更新* 畢業後我依舊居住在波士頓,從事行銷業。目前是朝九晚五上班族,偶爾寫寫部落格,常常更新Instagram @youarewhatyouwear ,永遠都不放棄夢想努力中。




About Me

Hello, everyone! I’m Louise from Taiwan. Have you ever felt such passion for something that you are desperate to share your enthusiasm with others? That’s why I started this fashion blog You Are What You Wear initially in summer, 2011. 

*2014 Update* After working for several years, I decided to quit my job and move to Boston to pursue my master degree at Emerson College in 2014. Right now, I enjoy capturing the beauty of Boston from a foreigner’s point of view.

*2016 Update* I’m now a 9-5er and still live in Boston, and also a dedicated part-time blogger and a full-time dreamer.



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