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Travel Outfit | Take Me Back to Key West 穿衣,在國境之南


After the hectic and stressful weeks of capstone and the delightful graduation ceremony, my hubby and I flew to the sunny Key West and Miami to enjoy the early summer while it’s still cold in Boston in May. 



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key west vacation 
key west vacation style
整個佛羅里達州南方散落的一連串小島由一號公路串起,而其中西礁島就是終點,也是整個美國國土國境最南端。從邁阿密機場租車開往西礁島Key West費時約三至四個小時,開在這條濱海公路上兩側海天一色景致令人難忘,左邊大西洋、右邊墨西哥灣,海景一路伴隨你直到盡頭。
西礁島終年豔陽高照,所以我行李中第一個帶的就是墨鏡,這副Cole Hann墨鏡的鼻架很適合鼻根淺淺的我。行李箱帶的鞋子除了去海灘必備的人字拖外,我就只穿這雙Converse 1970 Chuck Taylor 高筒復刻款,比原本的All Star經典款多了緩震墊非常耐走。
The Overseas Highway
The Florida Keys consists of numerous small islands, ranging from Miami to Key West. Being the southernmost point, Key West is the end of the highway road. As the overseas US-1 highway separates the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and connects the mainland Miami to the Florida Keys, driving US-1 is an unique and one-of-a-kind road trip experience.  
Since Key West is sunny and warm and the average temperature is 80 F°all year, the first thing that I packed for this vacation is sunglasses. I like this Cole Hann sunglasses because the shape fits the root of my nose very well. Besides the must-pack beach items like flip flops in terms of footwear, I also wore this pair of Converse 1970 Chuck Taylor sneakers for this vacation. They have better shock absorption than the classic Chuck Taylor All Star collections, which is comfortable to travel. 
key west vacation style key west ernest hemingway
So much to talk about Key West! One of the attractions is Ernest Hemingway’s home. The Hemingway home was built in Spanish Colonial style and surrounded with a great amount of tropical plants. Even though Hemingway only lived here for 9 years, he wrote 70% of his works in his Key West studio. He is also a renowned cat lover and had a six-toed cat during his lifetime. Now, there are approximately 40 six-toed descendants of Hemingway’s original cat, and you can see there are numerous little cat paw prints on the cement ground!
907 Whitehead St., Key West, FL 33040
key west ernest hemingway 
key west ernest hemingway
key west ernest hemingwaychuck taylor 1970
key west ernest hemingwaykey west ernest hemingway 
key west ernest hemingway
key west ernest hemingway 
key west ernest hemingway
Key West, to be continued.
key west
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5 thoughts on “Travel Outfit | Take Me Back to Key West 穿衣,在國境之南

  1. vetti

    Your photos are stunning! I think Key West is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been.
    Not sure how you are able to wear a collared shirt though ;-P
    When I was there, I walked around with a cami + shorts and still sweated like a piggy!

    1. Louise Post author

      Dear Vetti,
      Key West is indeed beautiful and nice to see you here again (air five)!

      Actually, the material of the shirt is chiffon so it’s light and airy.
      And I wore bikini under my shirt so I was ready to jump into the water anytime during my stay there lol

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