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Outfit | Out on Acorn Street in Beacon Hill 穿衣,波士頓散策

Acorn Street, Beacon HIll 是位於波士頓的橡子街,這裡曾被攝影人協會評為全美最漂亮的攝影地點之一。復古紅磚建築和鵝卵石街道,保留了19世紀波士頓的縮影。 

Acorn Street in Beacon Hill in Boston is said to be one of the “most frequently photographed street in the United States.” Paved with true cobblestones and lined with red brick buildings, Beacon Hill unveils architectural treasures in 19th century. 
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|關於穿搭和橡子街|Acorn Street

Acorn Street 這條出名的橡子街的遊客絡繹不絕,人潮非常多,待在這邊一下午窄窄的道路上觀光客沒停過。其實整個Beacon Hill都很美,我反而比較喜歡附近規劃整齊的紅磚建築和寧靜的綠蔭,散步發呆一下午,讓時間流逝在自19世紀就建立起的社區中。
這次想試試看不同花色的混搭,顏色以乾淨的黑白兩色為主,花色則是圓點 x 格紋,不喧嘩的顏色讓複雜的圓點和格紋看起來視覺依舊清爽,近看才發現箇中搭配的細節。關於鞋子,我還是原先那個不折不扣的平底鞋狂,捨棄高跟鞋,依舊選擇舒服的平底涼鞋,鞋面繫帶的設計和尖頭的鞋型增添一絲優雅。
Acorn Street
As autumn starts and gets chill, I have been feeling excited for fall fashion and neutral shades recently. But before that, I subtly mixed different prints for my last summer look. I chose a dotted blouse and tucked it into a short, diamond print A-line skirt. To keep it clean, I minimized the color to black and white only. I completed this outfit with a pair of comfortable black flat sandals. The pointy toe and strap design added a splash of elegant glam to this look. 
Being the most picturesque and photographed street in the United States, Acorn Street is one popular attraction in Boston. To avoid tourists, I strolled around the nearby Beacon Hill neighborhood. The vintage red brick buildings and the historic houses offer a glimpse into the life of old Bostonians during the 19th century. 
Acorn Street
Red line at Charles / MGH


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