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Asos購物微指南 5 Brands to Wear on Asos

Asos Shopping Guide 購物微指南。我最喜歡逛的全球免運網Asos這次在感恩節推出的優惠折扣非常吸引人,所以這篇介紹了五個我在Asos上每季瀏覽新品必看的品牌,以清新的學院風和極簡俐落的設計風格為主。

As Black Friday Weekend is coming, here is the Asos shopping guide featuring my top 5 brands on Asos. My favorite brands include preppy Jack Wills, elegant Ted Baker, cool Monki, Asos own label, and JumpFromPaper.

Asos Shopping Guide black friday



|Asos 感恩節購物指南|五個在Asos上必逛的品牌


1. Asos

今年的感恩節優惠為台灣輸入折扣碼CYBER有八折折扣,美加地區輸入BLESSED有七折折扣,可以從底下點圖片連結到ASOS直接買。第一個是我最常逛的Asos自有品牌。價位不會太高,尺碼也相當齊全,有適合嬌小亞洲人身型的Petite系列、體形豐滿的Curve系列、身材特別高挑的Tall系列、又或是懷孕婦女的Maternity系列。 我前幾年買的的繫帶低跟鞋到現在還是我的最愛,今年新款設計一樣低調優雅;還有學院風格的吊帶裙和牛津鞋也讓我相當沈迷!


|Asos Shopping Guide|5 Brands to Wear

Enter promo code CYBER to get 20% off in Taiwan, and enter code BLESSED for 30% off in the U.S and Canada. Click the pictures below and happy shopping! 

First, Asos own label is my go-to brand when shopping online. They offer plentiful collections from Asos Petite, Asos Curve, Asos Tall and Asos Maternity. You can always enjoy shopping on Asos as they have a wide range of sizes and selections. I own a pair of Asos flat strap heels and it remains one of my favorite. I’m also addicted to their preppy pinafore and loafers!

Asos Shopping Guide



2. Jack Wills

第二個來自英國的Jack Wills是非常學院風格的品牌,翻閱他們的lookbook看到的都是氣質英倫紳士和淑女,所以我非常喜歡在Asos上逛他們的每季新品。衣服剪裁中帶著經典的英國氣息和青春的輪廓,熱愛preppy style的你(和我)都不能錯過Jack Wills呀。他們的價位不是非常可親,但是現在可以趁感恩節優惠,台灣地區結賬時利用折扣碼CYBER打八折!

Second, Jack Wills. Founded in Devon, UK, Jack Wills delivers British preppy and private school style. I am smitten with their signature British heritage-inspired fashion aesthetic. As a preppy style lover, I always get inspired from Jack Wills lookbook on Asos. Their price is not affordable for everyone, but now you can take advantage of Thanksgiving sale with code BLESSED to get 30% off! 

Asos Shopping Guide




3. JumpFromPaper 

大家都喜歡卡通,大家都喜歡時尚,如果將2D卡通圖像和3D包包結合在一起會是什麼模樣呢?來自台灣的兩個女生蘇筱茜和林雨柔,一起創立充滿奇趣的JumpFromPaper 是我一直有在注意的品牌。和一般高級精品品牌不同,JumpFromPaper實現童年夢想,將卡通插畫製作成可以真正拎上街的包包。大膽幽默的童趣設計鼓勵大家做夢,做各種天馬行空的幻想。

Third, JumpFromPaper. People love animated cartoons. People love fashion. What will it be like when combing 2D cartoon appearance with 3D real bag? Were these bags even real? JumpFromPaper is created by two Taiwanese designers, Chay Su and Rika Li. And they are creative enough to bring 2D hand-drawn illustrations to life as real bags. Different from the luxurious leather bag collections, JumpFromPaper aims to fulfill everyone’s childhood dreams – turns cartoon illustrations to carry-all bags. Funny, colorful, eye-catching, attention-getter and humorous, Jump From Paper encourages people to free imagination.

Asos Shopping Guide



4. Monki 


Based in Sweden, Monki is H&M’s street style sister. Its standout trends and Scandi cool style are very popular among creatives and yonung-at-heart girls. Monki offers inexpensive fashion in nice bags and bold prints. They capture Stockholm’s edgy street look and mix with fun elements. 

Asos Shopping Guide



5. Ted Baker 

最後一個來自倫敦的Ted Baker是優雅的小女人復古的蕾絲和印花充滿浪漫情懷。價位稍高但是質感也是最好的,我喜歡欣賞他們美得像首詩的花朵布料,著名的蝴蝶結設計包包,都是他們最精緻的時尚細節。

Lastly, Ted Baker. Ted Baker is a London-based brand that relives 60s and 70s fashion style with high quality lace and floral prints. Their price occupies the space between high street and luxury labels. I love Ted Baker’s famous sugar sweet floral design and bow details. They bring elegant and vintage-inspired fashion style to every lady’s ensemble. 

Asos Shopping Guide



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