Burgundy Outfit in Early Spring 早春的酒紅穿搭誌 - You Are What You Wear

Burgundy Outfit in Early Spring 早春的酒紅穿搭誌

Burgundy Outfit. 上週波士頓下了據說是今年春季的最後一場雪,是冬日和春天換季的尷尬時刻。原本專屬冬日的酒紅色單品得以繼續穿搭,佐以灰白色的大衣外套慢慢步入春天。

Last week was the first day of spring, and Boston got a snowy start with blowing snowflakes to spring. To make my winter burgundy clothes work in spring, I paired with a crisp grey white coat for the awkward winter/spring transition. 

burgundy outfit cambridge satchel


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Burgundy Outfit in Early Spring  

Burgundy has always been a hot color for fall/winter. But as the spring weather is unpredictable, I mixed and matched my wintertime burgundy staples and the spring grey white to make it work without getting too dark. 
For the bagl, I actually headed over to my hubby’s closet and borrowed his burgundy satchel. I’m quite petite so I usually opt for satchels that are below 14″ so it won’t overwhelm my frame. But this gorgeous burgundy satchel is 15″ and it doesn’t swamp my petite frame. I think the reason it worked on me is this satchel has no top handle. Without the top handle design, the 15″ satchels looks not too bulky and big. As 15″ satchels is more practical and easy to fit a lot of stuff, I would recommend 15″ cambridge satchel without top handle for petite girls who are looking for a large bag.
Recently I’ve been trying to settle in at a new job and my 9-to-5 routine. The subway commute is different from my flexible schedule when I was a student. During rush hours, either in the morning when people are commuting to work or in the evening when people are heading home, it’s crowded and I’m squeezed in like a can of sardines. And there is always a snoring men on my usual train. While commuting to work during rush hours may not sound lovely, but the perk of commuting to downtown is I get to enjoy the amazing subway saxophone performing when I squeeze out of the train. 

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