Travel Outfit | Summer Whites in Washington DC

Travel Outfit | Summer Whites in Washington DC 夏日小清新旅行穿搭

White Sneakers 白色休閒鞋。沒什麼比步行認識一個城市更棒的了,我們這次去華盛頓特區小旅行,背上後背包踏上休閒鞋,在紀念碑下感受歷史的環繞。We recently visited Washington DC for a couple of days, and walking around monuments and memorials is a good way to explore the city and history. 

cambridge satchel folio backpack


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White Sneakers 小白鞋。一件式洋裝是夏日小旅行最輕便的穿搭,加上一雙信任不咬腳的休閒鞋,你的自助旅行基本上已經成功一半了。這次我們去華盛頓特區主要是在名建築物Smithsonian站一帶,著名的林肯紀念堂、華盛頓紀念碑、倒映池等等都在這裡,也因此一雙舒服耐走的鞋格外重要。都說一雙美麗的鞋可以帶你去任何地方,但是一雙好走的鞋可以帶你去更多地方。我穿的是Keds的白色皮質休閒鞋,雖然是白色但皮質的面料不易髒,也比帆布好清理,略尖的鞋頭和低筒的鞋側也很修飾腿型。這是我第一次購入Keds的休閒鞋,鞋子輕便好走,在華盛頓特區走了一整天也不太吃力。


Travel Outfit | Comfy White Sneakers

A comfortable cotton dress can make your summer getaway effortlessly. Plus, a pair of right sneakers can also make your trip. I want my walking shoes to be comfy for a full day exploring the city but also chic to style my travel casual outfit. We mainly walked around the Smithsonian station during our stay in Washington DC as most historical buildings and attractions are around here. There’s nothing better than exploring the city by foot. We did all the major ones around National Mall and Memorial Parks, including Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, National World War II Memorial, Library of Congress and the White House (from a distance). So obviously wearing a pair of travel-friendly walking shoes is important for a tourist. 

The sneakers that I wore is from Keds. They are lightweight and fit my narrow feet perfectly. I love the versatile all-white that pairs well with almost everything. White sneakers usually get dirty pretty fast, I opted for the leather material because it’s easier to clean and keep them spotless than canvas material. I also appreciate the slightly pointy toe and low top details that lengthen the leg line. I have always been a Converse girl when it comes to sneakers, and it’s my first kicks from Keds. The overall experience is nicer than I expected. 

cambridge satchel folio backpack

white sneakers keds

cambridge satchel folio backpack
white sneakers keds

劍橋包 Folio 後背包




Cambridge Satchel Folio Backpack

I used to love the vintage and preppy style of Cambridge Satchels, but now I feel my style has evolved with age and I become more found of clean lines and simple design. Since The Cambridge Satchel Company released the Folio backpack this spring, I have been obsessed with the minimalistic look of this backpack and I got one in white (see my last styling here). I carried it all the time this time for my trip to Washington DC. 

This summer, grab your backpack, get a pair of comfy sneakers and sunnies, let’s go travel! 


palm tree print dress
cambridge satchel folio backpack




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