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Travel Outfit | Striped Shirt Dress 夏日輕旅行洋裝

Striped Shirt Dress. 襯衫式洋裝是我今年夏日最喜歡的穿搭單品,輕便舒服且又適合旅行,不易皺相當適合放在行李箱呀。Striped shirt dress has been my favorite item this season so far. The silhouette is classic and the drop waist detail on this dress provides a trendy twist.

striped shirt dress



穿搭單品  Today’s Outfit 


DRESS │ ASOS (also love white version THIS & THIS)
SHOES │ ASOS (sold out, but adore THIS in gold)





Striped Shirt Dress

The shirt dress has always been a classic silhouette and it’s back with trendy twist this season. I’m wearing this striped shirt dress from Asos own-label collection and it was made from crisp woven cotton and finished with drop waist and point collar details. The drop waist fit makes it really comfy to wear for travel. Plus, a shift dress like this is lightweight and really travel-friendly. For my bag, I know I’ve been wearing this backpack a lot on my blog recently. I basically wear this backpack everywhere. From this black and white outfit back in snowy spring days, to my trip in DC this summer, I just love this Cambridge Satchel backpack so much! Actually, I wear this backpack to work everyday, too. There is no better way to show how much I adore a bag than carrying it everywhere and everyday. Also, lately I’ve been absolutely smitten with strappy flats with pointed toe. The strap around the ankle brings a little elegant edge to me so I always have my eyes on strappy flats or trendy lace up shoes.

cambridge satchel backpackcambridge satchel backpack


每趟旅行總是從存錢、研究路線機票開始,到成行時旅程中體驗新城市新文化,最後結束時卻又會花上一輩子的時間細細品味旅途的每個片段,這就是旅行讓人上癮的地方吧!隨著這次在華盛頓DC的小旅行穿搭連載告一段落,接下來計劃寫一篇在這裏旅行的微指南,細細回味DC這邊著名雄偉的建築物群,且這次也和老公嘗試跑了電影美國隊長II – 酷寒戰士片段在白宮這附近的跑步路線,讓這次旅行極有成就感,敬請期待華盛頓DC微指南篇!

As my travel outfits to Washington DC series has came to an end, I’m planning to post a mini travel guide to DC for people who are interested in visiting this amazing city and document our running experience among the historical buildings. My hubby and I were inspired from Cap’s running route in 2014 superhero movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and tried the running route. It definitely leaves marks on my memory and makes this trip very special. So stay tune! 

striped shirt dress




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