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Fall Picnic|Denim Skirt & Jumper 秋日野餐誌

Fall Picnic. When the autumn leaves start changing colors and falling, there’s no better time for a fall picnic. Let’s go on a picnic!


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秋日野餐 。對我來說,有時候週末不一定非得要去哪裡,將吃飯的地點改成在戶外享受秋日微風就是很美好的迷你慢活休日。前陣子趁老公來訪,我們一起去了Charles River河畔野餐。這次野餐準備了一些簡單的輕食,有明太子飯團、日式蛋捲、甜椒雞肉卷、和油醋鮮蝦蘑菇筆管麵,搭配有機果汁。和老公一起在河畔旁的草地鋪上野餐墊,一邊吃著野餐料理,一邊說著遠距離戀情人才懂的耳畔情話傻話。簡單的小日子,卻是我們心中最美好的時光

Fall Picnic

Fall Picnic. A few weeks back, hubby and I went on a picnic by Charles River. We packed some finger foods and set up our picnic blanket at Charles River Esplanade. Surrounded by canoes and kayaks, green grass, and falling leaves in the fall, Charles River Esplanade is a perfect picnic spot in Boston. Since hubby and I are in a long distance relationship, we always appreciate the time that we do spend together. We whispered sweet nothings to each other and enjoyed the picnic until the sun set. It was fun and relaxing to have yummy finger foods outside. The finger foods that I prepared are tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette), mentaiko rice balls (spicy cod roe rice balla), penne pasta salad with shrimps and balsamic, chicken and roasted pepper roll-ups, and organic juice. With leaves falling off the trees that sway gently in the wind, it was such a beautiful sunny day. Picnicking in the sunshine with my loved one made our time together really special.


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穿搭單品:Asos 毛衣 |  Asos裙子 或者深藍色款 |  H&M 樂福鞋(類似款 |  Asos長襪


What I Wore

Fall is all about neutral shades. Taupe, soft grey, rose blush gold, olive green and beige are all pretty fall neutral colors. Neutrals can be paired with whatever colors without looking too much. And this is how I paired all neutral shades in the pictures. I wore a denim skirt in pretty olive green with front buttons in rose gold. This skirt has two side and back pockets which are convenient to carry extra small items. I bought this white jumper from Asos collection a few weeks ago to start stocking up on fall and winter essentials early – because you can never have too many sweaters! It’s a textured herringbone knit with Chevron hemline. I especially adore the ribbed contrast neckline. I finished the look with a pair of thigh highs in warm taupe and soft grey loafers. Finishing piece is what makes your outfit complete and defines your style. I like to dress up like a school girl and loafers and thigh high socks are great for channeling the preppy style. 

Today’s outfit: Asos jumperAsos skirt or in NavyH&M loafers ( similar style ) | Asos thigh highs 

fall picnic outfitfall picnic outfit fall picnic outfit
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fall picnic outfit



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