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Ludlow Hotel & Sleep No More in NYC 紐約不眠夜

紐約每個轉角都是值得品味的城市美學,每次紐約行旅程都美的讓人難忘。記錄這次在紐約最喜歡的幾個紐約時髦景點和質感空間。New York City feels like the most inspiring city that you can always find something artful and interesting simply walking down any street. From our stay at the gorgeous Ludlow Hotel, to the dreamlike Sleep No More show, to the stunning The Apartment by The Line, the Big Apple never ceases to inspire me. Here are a few of my favorite things to do during my Thanksgiving stay in NYC. 

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Ludlow Hotel 旅店

Ludlow Hotel 是位在下東城區的一間極有設計感的旅店,設計師Sean MacPherson運用許多細節和設計巧思讓人驚豔。房間內復古的黃銅線條柔和了工業設計的冷調,房內的毛茸茸毯也帶給旅人溫暖的居家生活感。窗外望出的景致也許沒有金融區的繁華氣派,但是下東城美麗的景致也讓人讚歎不已。旅店的花園採用透明玻璃天花板灑進滿滿的自然光,映入眼簾的是各式錯落的綠色植物和紅磚牆面設計讓人非常舒服。Check out前在大廳旁的花園休憩一下再走,享受紐約難得的片刻寧靜。出了旅店旁的Ludlow Coffee Supply也是我很喜歡的小咖啡廳,氣氛佳,清爽簡潔的空間讓人感覺非常舒服,且摩卡相當好喝!


Ludlow Hotel

Located in the lower east side neighborhood of Manhattan, Ludlow Hotel has a lofty industrial vibe with brick walls, oversized windows and stunning views of the New York City skyline. The hotel designer Sean MacPherson did an amazing job and the place is simply gorgeous. Rooms feature custom four poster full beds, silk rugs and furry throws on chairs. These small details add touches of luxury and softness. The bathroom is my favorite and has lots of gorgeous details – marble sink, black-and-white tiles, and golden brass fixtures. The vintage and industrial accents and the mix of rich and old furnishings make the hotel pretty unique. Behind the cozy lounge is a lovely garden for serenity and relaxation. Ludlow Coffee Supply sits next to the hotel and has nice atmosphere, too. I love the minimal and bright interior design style and their mocha.


Ludlow Hotel Address

180 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002  

Ludlow Coffee Supply Address

176 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

ludlow hotel nyc
ludlow hotel nycludlow hotel nyc
ludlow hotel nyc

ludlow coffee supply


Sleep No More 不眠夜

Sleep No More是一齣外百老匯( off Broadway )的戲,和傳統百老匯劇不同的是,從頭到尾觀眾都得隨著不同的表演者在不同的房間內移動,隨著不同的表演者視角看劇情。進場時所有觀眾都被要求要戴上白色的面具,表演者們則不需要。一來方便區分觀眾和表演者們,二來對表演者們來說這場戲是在「演」他們的生活,戴上白色面具的觀眾是看不見的鬼魂。改編自莎翁的馬克白,這齣現代版的馬克白用新穎的手法重新詮釋這個充滿嫉妒、野心、貪念的故事。我第一回合跟著馬克白夫人走,第二回合錯失女巫線沒有看到非常可惜,已經打算下次去紐約一定要再次體驗Sleep No More。


Sleep No More

Sleep No More is a great show that incorporates the audience in a dreamlike and unique world. Based loosely on Macbeth, it’s an off-Broadway show that tells a story about ambition and guilt through sensational interactive theater experience. The show takes place at the fictional McKittrick Hotel and there are five and a half floors and many rooms to explore. The audience need to follow performers and watch the show through various pov characters. After entering the hotel, the audience are given white masks to wear all night and the performers are the ones not wearing masks. There are many reasons for the audience being masked, for example, it’s easier to focus on the action and distinguish between performers and non-performer people around you. I followed Lady Macbeth for the first cycle and I absolutely love her performance. Yet I missed the famous witches scene for the second cycle so I’ve made up my mind to definitely go back and watch Sleep No More again! 


Sleep No More Address

530 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001

sleep no more nyc

ludlow hotel nyc



The Apartment by The Line

“ 當初開設The Apartment 品牌實體店面的概念就是想要用一個「家」的感覺來呈現品牌的美學和品味。” – by 創辦人和藝術總監 Vanessa Traina

The Apartment by The Line 是一間時尚精品的showroom,設計師將「家」的概念融入其中,勾勒非常紐約的城市美學。整間店是一個開放的loft空間,隨著動線走訪主人(也就是設計師)的家,空間規劃為臥室、浴室、衣帽間、客廳以及廚房,時髦又俐落的居家裝潢絕對會讓你忍不住幻想成是自己未來的小窩,渴望住在裡面或者直接打包擁有一切。一邊逛一定會驚歎於創辦人兼藝術總監Vanessa Traina精準眼光的選貨品味和藝術素養。店裡所有的東西都是可以購買的,不管是臥室簡潔的床具、浴室線條優美的浴缸、衣帽間時髦的衣鞋飾品、客廳精緻的沙發地毯、或者是廚房質感高雅的餐具組等,只要你願意掏卡都可以讓你帶回家。品味家居自然價格不菲,所以像我一樣只是純逛補充生活美學養分也是很開心的。


The Apartment by The Line

“The idea of The Apartment came from a desire to show how items lived within the context of a home.” by co-founder and executive creative director Vanessa Traina. 

Designed by co-founder and executive creative director Vanessa Traina, The Apartment by The Line is a beautifully curated shop and showroom in Soho. It’s a loft apartment style shopping store to explore and purchase refined goods in the setting of a home. This is a space that makes you want to just live there or basically own everything displayed in the store. The Apartment reflects the landscape of NYC perfectly with fire escapes, original floor and open loft design. When you walk in, you’ll be amazed with the designer’s artful taste and selection of goods. Here everything is for sale, from the tasteful furniture in the living room to the highly curated selection of kitchenware, to the modern and sleek clothes in the wardrobe and the skin care products in the bathroom. Even if I can’t afford shopping here, I still enjoyed looking and admiring the designer’s taste. I really appreciate the aesthetic of The Apartment, as opposed to considerations like the price.


The Apartment by The Line Address

76 Greene St, New York, NY 10012

the apartment by the linethe apartment by the linethe apartment by the line
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