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How to Pan Fry Potstickers 如何煎鍋貼 台式料理微食堂


Crispy potstickers and corn soup are my favorite Taiwanese dishes. When I’m homesick for Taiwan, I often cook and indulge myself with meals from home. Potstickers and corn soup are comforting and flavorful. There is nothing better than cooking and enjoying delicious potstickers hot off the skillet for dinner after a long day. 





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Making Potstickers from Frozen Dumplings 
I grew up with homemade dumplings. My parents would make dumplings from scratch, and have them boiled or pan fried. I prefer the taste of fried which are potstickers. The crispy bottoms and soft juicy filling are just so good that I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love potstickers. But it’s challenging for me to make dumplings from scratch, dough and filling. The process is not only time consuming but also quite a bit of work. Instead, I purchase store-bought frozen dumplings in bulk in the freezer. Cooking potstickers from frozen dumplings is easy and delicious, and I just can’t get enough of them. 
corn soupPotstickers
– 數顆冷凍水餃
– 1-2匙的烹飪油
– 1匙太白粉或者麵粉(低中高筋皆可)
– 1杯水
首先來調麵粉/太白粉水,預備待會用來煎出鍋貼底部香脆的雪花鍋巴。在杯內倒入水和麵粉或者太白粉,攪拌均勻備用。接著在平底鍋內倒入適量油,然後將冷凍水餃置入鍋中排整齊。這邊要注意的是從冷凍庫拿出的水餃不用退冰,且鍋子也不用先預熱。退冰後的水餃容易皮破露餡,而鍋子預熱會讓水餃底部焦黑黏鍋。鍋內的水餃排好後開中 – 中大火,然後淋上調好的麵粉/太白粉水(水量大概到水餃高度的一半),立刻蓋上鍋蓋燜熟至鍋內水分蒸發。等大約十到十五分鐘(視瓦斯和鍋具而定)水量漸漸變少就掀鍋蓋改開小 – 中小火讓底部水分繼續蒸發,成為香酥可口的雪花鍋巴,就大功告成準備享用啦!鍋貼的沾醬每個人都各有喜好,有的人熱愛大蒜辛香和辣椒的嗆,我則喜歡醬油搭配幾滴黑醋的微酸和麻油的提香…你喜歡的沾醬是哪種呢?

Tips to Pan Fry Dumplings – Potstickers

Ingredients & Instructions (1 serving)
– 10 – 15 frozen dumplings
– 1 – 2 tsp olive oil 
– 1 tsp starch or all-purpose flour
– 1/2 cup water
First, mix the starch and water together for the outer crispyness of potstickers. Set aside. Oil your pan with a light coating. Then line up frozen dumplings around the pan nicely. Don’t heat the pan until placing dumplings as it might burn the bottoms without fully cooking through. Also, there is no need to defrost frozen dumplings beforehand because it might have their skins stick to the pan or come apart. After placing them nicely, turn on to mid heat and cook them for about 2 minutes. Next, add the mixture of water and starch. Then immediately put the lid on and turn down to mid-low heat to cook through for about 10 minutes (it depends on the pan thickness and the choice of stove though). After 10 minutes, uncover the lid and there may be some water left over. Turn to mid-high heat to make water evaporate. Once the water completely evaporate, remove these delicious potstickers from the pan and serve. That’s how you develop the crispy bottom. For the potsticker dipping sauce, everyone has different tastes. Some people like lots of garlic, green onions and chilly peppers. For me, I like to toss together soy sauce mostly with a splash of sesame oil and Chinese black vinegar. 






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