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哈囉!大家好我是Louise。我在臺灣出生長大,目前居住在波士頓。我從2011年開始寫網誌,當時在臺灣的聯發科工作。在2014年的時候我決定辭職,搬到波士頓成為全職學生,在Emerson College的行銷所念碩士學位。畢業後在Converse總部實習,現在白天在波士頓市區的一間公司從事行銷工作,晚上在網誌這裡記錄研究生活美學。部落格You Are What You Wear是在網海中一個屬於我的迷你空間,用一張張生活風格和穿衣的照片,捕捉那些乾淨的線條,清爽俐落的美感,和極簡美好的生活品味。可以訂閱我的網誌或在以下社群追蹤我:




Hello there! I’m Louise! I was born and grew up in Taiwan, currently living in Boston, U.S. I began blogging at You Are What You Wear outside of my day job at Mediatek, Taiwan in 2011. I then moved to Boston to pursue my master degree in marketing at Emerson College in 2014. After graduating, I interned at Converse, and I’m now a 9-5 by day and a blogger by night. I spend most of my free time photographing and writing for this mini digital space in the sea of internet, You Are What You Wear. It’s a space where I share my lifestyle and fashion taste with a focus on clean lines and bright aesthetics through photography.