Boston Fall Foliage: Why I Love Boston - YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR Boston Fall Foliage: Why I Love Boston - YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR

Boston Fall Foliage: Why I Love Boston

Since GMCA is a one-year program, recently my schedule at Emerson College has been pretty tight with endless exams, papers, and presentations. It’s hard to slow down for a bit and enjoy the beautiful fall in Boston. But, I still managed to snap a few photos of the beautiful fall foliage in Boston Common and Public Garden just in time before the winter comes. Here, wanted to share these pictures of Boston fall foliage that I took after classes. 

波士頓秋天 boston-common-public-garden-autumn-19波士頓秋天 boston-common-public-garden-autumn-15


Boston Fall Foliage

I feel blessed to be able to view and take pictures of the stunning Boston fall foliage. Since Emerson College is located directly across Boston Common, I like to take my camera with me everyday when going to school. After class, I enjoy walking around Boston Common and seeing a rich array of fall colors through my camera lens. 


boston-common-public-garden-autumn-6boston-common-public-garden-autumn-16波士頓秋天 boston-common-public-garden-autumn-7




boston-common-public-garden-autumn-12波士頓秋天 boston-common-public-garden-autumn-18boston-common-public-garden-autumn-13波士頓秋天 boston-common-public-garden-autumn-17boston-common-public-garden-autumn-5





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