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Casual Wear for Staying Comfortable & Chic

Casual Wear.  Trends come and go, but a casual and chic style is forever. I like to mix casual wear with structured accessories and footwear without looking overdone or too relaxed. 

casual wear comfortable and chic


Casual Wear

My collection of hats has been steadily growing: wide brim straw hats for summer, wool berets for winter, light bowler hats for spring and fall, you name it. I wear hats when I have bad hair days or sleep through my alarm or I’m running late like today. A slouchy beanie is perfect to cover up bad hair! I’m all for a casual look that’s got some chic elements to it so I kept my outfit casual with this soft beanie and a simple white top. Combining casual pieces with quality items can look chic yet hassle-free. To make the look less sloppy, I paired with black skinny distressed jeans. Usually jeans and white top may be “too casual” but a pair of nice form-fitting ripped jeans can make a huge difference for a laid-back but stylish look. I’m always drawn to basic muted colors and simple pieces because they’ll never go out of style regardless of fashion trend. This grey coat has no embellishments but the clean lines has the power to mix with everything. Also, nothing makes a statement like footwear and accessory. They can completely transform the look and add structure to your outfit. I completed the look with a pair of Dr. Martens shoes and a boxy Cambridge Satchel bag. To me, casual chic style is a combination of comfy and quality items. Without looking too flashy or relaxed, this outfit is my everyday option for a casual chic style. 




casual wear comfortable and chiccasual wear comfortable and chiccasual wear comfortable and chic

Life Lately…

It’s been three years since I left my home country to live abroad. Time passes fast when you’re busy going to school and work. I was lucky enough to be able to head back to my hometown and spend my holiday vacation with family last December. Going home for the holidays was beyond excitement – especially when my sister just gave birth to a baby girl and I finally got the opportunity to see her little face. My flight from Boston to Taiwan was long and I felt more nervous the closer I got to my destination. After I arrived, it was an emotional homecoming when I finally saw my family in person for the first time in two years. This homecoming is also like a food journey. Over the years, I’ve developed cravings for all sorts of Taiwanese food like braised pork rice, beef noodle, oyster omelet, oil rice, turkey rice, Taiwanese fried chicken, thick duck soup, homemade ravioli, pork buns, cold noodles, turnip strips cake…and the list goes on. Food has always been a huge part of my culture so I satisfied those cravings big time during my vacation back home.


casual wear comfortable and chiccasual wear comfortable and chic
casual wear comfortable and chic

casual wear comfortable and chic









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