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Essie Nude Nail Polish: My Top Picks

Essie Nude Nail Polish – Sharing my favorite Essie neutral nail shades, including Sand Tropez, Topless & Barefoot, All Eyes on Nudes and Tuck it in my Tux.



My Essie Collection

 (from right to left)

1. Sand Tropez  #745
 2. Topless & Barefoot  #744
 3. All Eyes on Nudes #3036
 4. Tuck it in My Tux  #886 





Essie Nude Nail Polish

Nude nail polish shades are always a classic look and my all-time favorite nail colors. Here are four of my top picks for Essie nude nail polishes. All of these nail colors are creamy, non-sparkle, non-glitter and non-shimmer. They are the soft sandy taupe Sand Tropez, pinky beige Topless & Barefoot, creamy neutral matte All Eyes on Nudes and the semi-sheer pastel Tuck it in My Tux. 



1. Sand Tropez #745
It’s a perfect mix between beige and grey with slight purple undertones. While the color looks neutral, it makes a statement. The texture is smooth and creamy. It has great coverage, and I usually apply two coats to get the soft sandy taupe hue. It’s like a beige leather jacket with a touch of gray. Sand Tropez is fashion-forward, yet it has the muted shine of graceful modern age. 

2. Topless & Barefoot #744
It’s a nice pinky nude color. Delicate and feminine, this light beige pink cream works on all types of skin tones. The texture is pretty opaque, and I like to apply two coats to get the full opacity. Topless & Barefoot makes you look neat and elegant, reminiscent of the beautiful silky satin evening gown.  


3. All Eyes on Nudes #3036
All Eyes on Nudes is part of Essie Cashmere Matte collection. Inspired by rich cashmere, it’s a soft and creamy neutral matte color. The texture is a bit of thick, but it covers the nail well without being translucent. For the best matte result, use without a top coat. The color is subtle camel nude and perfect for tone down moments. The overall effect of All Eyes on Nudes reminds me of the fall/winter days when snuggling up in a cozy and warm cashmere scarf.


4. Tuck it in My Tux
It’s a semi-sheer ivory white with a slight hint of pink. Unlike the traditional thick and stark white nail polishes, the texture of Tuck it in My Tux is a squishy jelly and translucent. The formula dries quickly and leaves glossy finish. The more coats you use it, the more opaque it becomes. I usually apply three coast not only for the subtle pastel vibes but also for a perfect streak-free finish. This semi-sheer milky shade is reminiscent of a flowy chiffon skirt.




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