Fall Colors I Love to Wear - YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR Fall Colors I Love to Wear - YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR

Fall Colors I Love to Wear

Fall Colors. I’m a sucker for fall, autumn, sweater season, or whatever you want to call this beautiful season. Autumn shades are my favorite color palette. 

fall colors



Fall Colors

Fall Colors. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. Fluffy blankets and cozy sweaters, the smell of crisp air and the first sip of hot tea in the morning are just few of many reasons that I like this season of year. The thing I love the most about fall is the colors. The weather is changing and leaves are turning colors. The colors of autumn make everything look stunning and like an oil painting. There is nothing more romantic and beautiful than the turning color of the autumn leaves. All these sounds cliche, but every year I feel like I’m experiencing autumn for the first time and I cannot get enough of it. 

fall colors
fall colors




What I Wore

This outfit was taken last autumn and I just realized that I haven’t posted this yet when I scrolled through old pictures on my camera. I know this deep green skirt has been on repeat pretty often on my outfit posts. But this skirt is just so easy to mix with the season’s color palette – camel, beige, and all the earth tones. Fall is filled with warm shades that some people may think it’s too boring but I love it anyway. The color combo of light tan, green and brown is a no brainer in autumn so I find myself reaching for this skirt more often lately. Fall is also about playing the layering game. I layered a blouse underneath my striped cardigan and completed the outfit with trench coat. Small detail changes are what make an outfit interesting. I added fun accessories to the look wit my brown thigh high socks and leopard loafers. 

Zara trench coat (similar style here) | H&M striped cardigan (similar love here) | Uniqlo shirt (similar here)  |  Cambridge Satchel Backpack  | Asos skirt | Asos leopard loafers 


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