How I Style Maxi Pleated Skirt for Spring How I Style Maxi Pleated Skirt for Spring

Maxi Pleated Skirt & Blazer: A Preppy Spring Look

For some reasons, I have never posted this outfit which was taken a while ago. I styled this navy blue blazer with a maxi pleated skirt. As the spring is a bit windy, I completed my outfit with a pair of navy socks and burgundy red loafers. 

Maxi Pleated Skirt




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Maxi Pleated Skirt

I recently found these photos which I have never posted before for some reasons. These photos were taken in spring a while ago when I still lived in Taiwan. When looking through these pictures, it took me on a stroll down memory lane. It’s a spring day, and the weather was not too hot and not too cold. The breeze blew through the skirt gently. I started remembering this is the day I visited Chiayi for the local speciality delicious chicken rice. (And it’s unbelievably yummy!) It’s true that a picture is a memory frozen in time. I wore this navy blue blazer and a pleated maxi skirt. As the spring is a bit windy, I completed my outfit with a pair of navy socks and burgundy red loafers. 

People often say ankle-lenth skirts are not for petite women. I’m quite petite but I love maxi skirt a lot. I opted for a cropped blazer and used a belt to define my waist. With the right accessories, the short blazer and the belt give the outfit a more polished structure. For the shoes, I styled a pair of burgundy red loafers and navy ankle socks as the weather was still too cold for bare feet. 

All the items of this outfit are old which I have been wearing for many years. Still, I tried to mix and match for a different take. While fast fashion has been associated with throwaway fashion as it delivers products to the mass market at affordable prices, sometime the most ethical thing you can do for the environment is mix and match old items in your wardrobe as possible as you can. Even though in today’s trendy world of fast fashion, styles are made to be disposable, still you can start by doing something small like remixing old things. I know it’s small, but at least it’s a start.  

Maxi Pleated Skirt
Maxi Pleated Skirt Maxi Pleated SkirtMaxi Pleated Skirt

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