Meal Prep: Two Ways to Cook with Egg & Ground Chicken Meal Prep: Two Ways to Cook with Egg & Ground Chicken

Meal Prep: Two Ways to Cook with Egg & Ground Chicken

Meal prep helps set me up for a planned life and I love having a lunch plan to follow.Here is my meal prep chicken recipes to eat healthy and clean.

Meal Prepping IdeasMeal Prepping Ideas



Meal Prep Chicken Recipes: Two Ways to Cook with Egg & Ground Chicken

I talked about tips and why I love meal prep in my previous post, and this time I wanted to share my weekly bento recipe with ingredients most of us already have at home – egg and ground chicken. Egg is probably the most versatile food in the world. You can make them scrambled, poached, fried and boiled. Or you can add ingredients to have layers of flavors like stir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs or sausage stir fry with eggs. Ground chicken is fast cooking, too. In favor of healthier option, I like ground chicken and they can be substituted for any other ground meat. You can also hand ground raw chicken strips if it’s hard to get ground chicken. From meatballs and miso chicken soboro don to curry chicken and ground chicken with crispy fried shallots, they can be used in a variety of dishes. I always have egg and ground chicken in my kitchen. Together, they can make quick and flavorful meals. Here are two great ways to cook with eggs and ground chicken for your weekly bento recipe ideas. 

Meal Prepping Ideas

Meal Prepping Ideas






Recipe 1. Soboro Don with Ground Chicken & Scrambled Egg

I tried this Japanese ground chicken recipe and I love it. Soboro Don is a Japanese dish that served on top of steamed rice with ground chicken, scrambled egg and green veggies like green peas or snow peas. Green veggies are subject to change so here my Soboro bento includes steamed cauliflower, ground chicken seasoned with Japanese sweet soy sauce flavor and scrambled egg. 

Recipe 2. Peppers Stuffed with Ground Chicken & Japanese Egg Rolls

There are many varieties of stuffed bell pepper recipes already, and you can bake them with cheese for Italian flavor or fried them with Chinese seasonings. Either way, they taste great! If you prefer hot bento over cold food during lunch time, peppers might have gotten soggy after reheating. Tip to avoid that is try not to overcook peppers when you bake/stir-fry peppers. Japanese egg rolls, tamagoyaki, is an easy and delicious omelette. It’s also perfect for bento as it’s a perfect protein side dish. Tamagoyaki is supposed to be sweet and has light texture. But if you don’t like a sweet one, you can replace to a pinch of salt. (Please excuse my egg roll – I know they don’t look nice and firm because I was cooking and shooting. There was no time to wrap them properly!) I also stir fried mushroom and yellow pepper with shio-koji to use up leftovers. You can substitute in whatever you have in your fridge. 

Let me know if you tried this for your lunchtime bento!  




Meal Prepping IdeasMeal Prepping IdeasMeal Prepping Ideas
Meal Prepping Ideas




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