Spinrg Lace Dress at Boston Library - YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR Spinrg Lace Dress at Boston Library - YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR

Spinrg Lace Dress at Boston Library

Spring in Boston is cold, rainy and sometimes brings snow. Weatherwise, wearing a spring lace dress without a coat is probably not a good idea. But I just can’t wait to wear. 

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My Spring Lace Dress Look

In addition to the Sister Jane Tweed Blouse which I reviewed last time, I also love this black and white cotton lace stripe dress from Sister Jane’s early spring collection. I have never been a fan of lace design, but I found myself fond of this spring lace dress very much. The short stand-up collar and gathered shoulders bring a distinct vintage vibe. Fully lined with the lightest blue, the dress is designed with a higher waist and the feminine A-line silhouette. Yet, the black and white dress adds the rebellious edge to this delicate lace dress. I’m 5′ and size S fits me very well. No alteration needed at all. I styled this dress with a pair of black rain boots as the spring weather in Boston is quite rainy. I purchased this black backpack from Cambridge Satchel last year, and they recently have the lovely pastel spring colors that you can take a look at hereAlthough it seems that winter refuses to leave New England and still brought some snow last week, spring has made its way here somehow. We now have more daylight, and can finally say goodbye to the dark winter. 
I have had bangs since I was little. Growing up, I either had full bangs or had my hairs parted on the same side with eyebrow-length bangs. It means that I have never had a dramatic change of my hair style. And in the past few months, I had been busy with job hunting and had no time taking care of my bangs. My bangs started to grow out so I decided to pull and pin bangs back as I didn’t have time for fussy styling. Without knowing it, I made it the weird in-between stages. I now love this clean and new pulled back look. 

Boston Public Library

For its key role in the American Revolution, Boston has been known as the “Cradle of Liberty.” Also, the Boston Public Library is the first free municipal library in the world, it made the library uniquely meaningful. Located adjacent to the chic shopping destination Copley Square and Newbury Street, Boston Public Library is not only a beautiful historical building, but also a great spot to relax amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Comparing to the grand and magnificent New York Public Library where I visited last time, Boston Public Library is delicate and beautiful. New York Public Library has been featuring in lots of films, like the famous The Day After Tomorrow or Sex and the City movie wedding scene. And here in Boston, the library was featured in the Oscar-winning movie Spotlight!
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