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Style Crush: Monling Lee of Color Index

Borin in Taiwan and grew up in Maryland, the Washington D.C. based fashion blogger and architect Monling Lee shares her unique and vibrant colorblocking style in striking combinations in her blog Color Index. 

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Monling Lee on Her Style


Anything-but-black is the New Black


As an architectural and urban designer, Monling Lee explores colors on the street and personal style. Believing in the philosophy of “anything-but-black is the new black,” Lee commits to an outfit of more than 3 bold colors. Yet, she still manages to look sophisticated! About her shopping secret, J.Crew is one of her favorite brands. Their high quality makes her outfit refined and sharp. 

monling lee

color-index-stylecolor index monling lee







With her unique hyper-saturated color blocking style and the stunning urban backdrops in Washington, D.C., Lee’s fashion photography is never color-shy. Her fashion blog always inspires me with her one of a kind style aesthetic. In addition, I’m also drawn to her Instagram feed a lot. You could follow her use of color, colorful industrial environment and her perspective on individual style with hashtag #colorindex.


monling lee

color index monling lee


color index monling leeIMAGES COURTESY OF MONLING LEE 

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