My Shopping Philosophy & Wardrobe Tour - YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR My Shopping Philosophy & Wardrobe Tour - YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR

My Shopping Philosophy & Wardrobe Tour

I’ve received questions from readers on how I declutter my room especially wardrobe after I posted my home tour last year. Because my room looks way too minimal. The truth is I share my apartment with a roommate and there is no closet in my room. Well, there is one, but it’s a two-foot-wide capable of holding only my office supplies, underwear, socks and extra sheet sets.  

There is a closet in the living room, so I ended up storing all my clothes in there. My roommate has closets in her room so she doesn’t mind. So, I wanted to share my closet and my shopping philosophy behind wardrobe maintenance. Welcome inside my closet!


shopping philosophyshopping philosophy 


My Shopping Philosophy

I have been careful about what I buy since I’ve moved in here two years ago. Before moving to here, I moved houses three times in two weeks for some reasons. Let’s just say it’s not fun to drag my wardrobe along. So I took this opportunity to thin out my wardrobe and have been more conscious of what I choose to add to my wardrobe and why. Here are three things I now ask myself before making a purchase decision:


  • Don’t Shop The Sales When You Don’t Need It

A great deal can be tempting and it’s easy to make impulse purchases when shopping the sales. Regardless of how much the discount has been given, it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it. Usually, the impulse buys would sit around the closet and gather dust. Only if I’m in need for new pieces to add to my wardrobe, then shopping the sales is worthwhile. 


shopping philosophyshopping philosophy




  • Compatibility With My Existing Wardrobe

I consider the compatibility with my existing wardrobe items. How many different items can I pair it with? How often will I wear it? I want items in my wardrobe can be worn for years ahead and can be paired well with everything. 


  • Get Rid Of Clothes That Don’t Get Enough Wear

I assess my clothes and what I wear the least or not at all every season. I’ll donate the clothing I don’t get enough wear or items that no longer fits me. If I’m adding new items to my closet, I think about the space it will take up. Does this item deserve the space? Or is there anything in my existing wardrobe that I can donate or toss out to make space?



shopping philosophyshopping philosophyshopping philosophy





shopping philosophy  shopping philosophy








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