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Things I Love About Paris: Cherry Blossom & More

When I spoked with my friends from work about my Europe trip plan, everyone kept telling me how good Paris is and they all can’t wait to go back for return visits. I was skeptical about all the hype of Paris but I still picked Paris as our first stop for our Europe trip anyway. And thank god I listened to them because I finally came to understand the Paris beauty clichés after the trip. It’s just so easy to fall in love with the capitol of France. So I wanted to share little things I love about Paris and things I appreciate during our visit.

cherry blossom paris




  • Cherry Blossom

We all know how romantic Paris can be, but cherry blossom makes the city even lovelier. I used to think that Japan does cherry blossom the best (after all, sakura is Japan’s national flower) but Paris looks prettier with cherry blossom. We didn’t expect to see cherry blossom because spring weather is unpredictable. But we were lucky to catch early cherry blossom around Eiffel Tower during our stay, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

cherry blossom paris

cherry blossom paris


  • Vintage Cars & Vespa Scooters 

There are plenty of beautiful vespa scooters and vintage cars zipping through Paris streets and it’s so stunning. 

cherry blossom parisvespa paris

  • Haussmann Style Buildings

I was in awe of Parisian architecture every day during our stay in Paris. And then I looked up and found out that Haussmann was the one who created urban buildings for the city. He transformed Paris into one of the world’s best metropolises with no training in architecture. Haussmann achieved Paris being of uniform at its best with the black balconies and the soft blue or grey rooftops. 

cherry blossom parischerry blossom parischerry blossom paris

  • Pastries & More Pastries

We basically ate our way through all kinds of pastries in Paris. From Angelina’s lemon tart, chocolate eclair and Pierre Herme’s mille feuille to Aux Merveilleux de Fred’s meringue, everything we tried are SO good. 

angelina pastry paris



  • Getting Lost in Paris

They say that if you’re not lost, you’re not doing it right when traveling. While we didn’t get exactly lost, we wandered around aimlessly and the unexpected spots turned out gorgeous. The hidden street where you can take a peak of Eiffel Tower is unforgettable.  

cherry blossom parischerry blossom parischerry blossom paris


  • Cafe Hopping

In Paris, almost every corner has its cafe with open-air seating on a public sidewalk.The sidewalk cafe scene makes Paris unique and it makes the best spot to people-watch. During our stay in Paris, we absolutely enjoyed sitting back with a cup of cappuccino and watching the world go by. 

paris cafe paris cafe





















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